e3 is Going on the Road!

The HireTouch e3 User Meetings will be heading out on the road for two dates in 2017. Planned with consideration of when CUPA-HR hosts its events, the e3 meetings will be in Buffalo, New York and San Diego, California. 

Experience HireTouch e3 - Educate, Experience, Evolve


Build a Stronger User Community

Connect with HireTouch users from across the country to share ideas and processes, examine key issues, celebrate successes and discuss challenges. You'll leave these meetings inspired having gained insight through shared perspectives.


Enhance Product Knowledge

Learn from those who know HireTouch best - your peers and the ImageTrend HireTouch team. Meet with product developers, and the implementation and support teams in person.


Enhance Product Knowledge

Learn from those who know HireTouch best - your peers and the ImageTrend HireTouch team. Meet with product developers, and the implementation and support teams in person.


Buffalo, NY

Wednesday, May 3
8am - 2pm

Hyatt Regency Buffalo

Room: Ellicott Room




San Diego, CA

Tuesday, September 19
8am - 5pm

Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Room: Indigo 206



What You Need to Know

  • The Buffalo and San Diego meetings will feature the same content. The San Diego meeting, however, will go more in-depth and allow for more open discussion and one-on-one training. 
  • The theme for this year's meetings if FAST, EFFICIENT and COMPLIANT. Each session will highlight how the corresponding module or feature can help ensure fast, efficient and compliant recruiting and retention
  • Continental breakfast, buffet lunch and beverage/snack breaks are included at each location. 
  • You are welcome to join the HireTouch team after training for a happy hour - location will be determined on site. 



Opening Remarks


Fast - Candidate Experience

Do you know how long it takes to complete your application? What type of experience do you want your candidates to go through as they go through the application process? In this session, we will look at real client data and the averages it takes for an applicant to complete the application process in one sitting. Knowing how long it takes to complete the application process can be valuable information. After exploring this topic, are there areas on the application that could be cut out or streamlined? Are there redundancies? Do you really need that data and what are you using it for? These are questions that you may be wanting to think about as you review your application process.


Efficient/Fast - Fully Mobile Optimized Application

As more and more applicants are turning to technology, being able to complete an online application form has become increasingly important. The amount and type of data you need or want to collect from your applicants will have an effect on the completion and abandonment rate. Regardless of how much or little you are collecting on your application forms, we have fully mobile optimized the candidate portal giving the ability to complete the online application with a mobile device - making the application process as efficient and as fast as possible will truly give your candidates the best experience possible.


Efficient - Self-Scheduler

Finding the perfect candidate can be a long tedious process. Now that you’ve gone through the work of laboriously identifying qualified candidates, it’s time to meet them face-to-face! We all know how tricky coordination can be especially when trying to manage various schedules. Let the Self-Scheduler feature help reduce the time-consuming back-and-forth between you and the candidate by allowing them to participate in their own success by giving them the opportunity to self-schedule an interview based on what you define in HireTouch.


Compliant - Adverse Impact Report

You have the tool! Are you using HireTouch effectively to help you stay compliant? Adverse impact refers to employment practices that appear neutral but have a discriminatory effect on a protected group. Adverse impact may occur in hiring, promotion, training and development, transfer, layoff, and even performance appraisals. It may be found in an overall procedure or in any step in the overall procedure.


During this session, we will propose questions to help you think about how you are currently using HireTouch to be compliant or how you can leverage HireTouch to be more compliant. Where are you applicants falling out? How many applicants were qualified to interview? How many applicants were interviewed? How are you using processes versus applicant statuses? How can you use Position Management with features like position history and employee history to support unintentional discriminatory hiring practices?


Open Discussion, Networking & One-on-One Training


Closing Remarks


Optional Happy Hour with the HireTouch Team

2016 Highlights