Miami University Takes Home 1st Annual Hooley Award


 The implementation team at Miami University was awarded the ImageTrend Hooley Award for Innovation for its innovative concepts regarding position management and online hiring at the 2015 HireTouch E3 Conference.

Miami University took some big steps to not only integrate their HRIS system with the HireTouch Talent Management Solution, but actually create a symbiotic relationship between the two systems. Much more than simply pass along applicant and employee information, the Miami implementation team created a streamlined integration that also shares budget information, position documentation and index changes. 

Kate Stoss, Interim Associate Vice President of Human Resources at Miami University, spearheaded the project in conjunction with the HireTouch development and implementation teams to create an integration that serves the unique needs of Miami University.

“Our customers needed software to handle all of their employee transactions in a ‘one-stop’ application,” said Stoss in a recent interview. “Customers are able to see budget and employee salary information in HireTouch. They are also able to make Pride Award recommendations, index changes and more.”

The groundbreaking effort has paid huge dividends. The combined systems have saved hours of work and allowed the Miami University team to focus more on operational duties, opposed to tedious data entry. Not only has it saved time and therefore money, it also creates a system of transparency that keeps everyone up to date on the status of human resources.


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