Hooley Award Winners at the 2016 HireTouch e3 Conference

User innovation and creativity is a huge part of how ImageTrend operates. The HooleyTM Awards were created to recognize thought leaders and influencers within the ImageTrend and HireTouch communities and award their involvement, creativity and passion. There were three finalists for the Hooley Award presented at the 2016 HireTouch e3 Conference:

The 2016 Hooley Award winner and finalists were:


Winner: Corey Blevins – Herzog Contracting Corp.

The winner of the 2016 Hooley Award for Innovation is Corey Blevins from Herzog. Corey and his team greatly expanded HireTouch’s onboarding and benefits workflows and was the first client to implement an integration with SmartBen, an employee benefit portal. Corey pushed HireTouch to go above and beyond the standard functionality, and the product has greatly benefited as a result. Their incredibly intricate process consists of 40+ unique forms built and configured to be triggered for nine different companies within the Herzog umbrella, training videos incorporated as part of their new-hire training process, and they were the first client to utilize the new Document API, which allows them to share applicant and on-boarding documents directly with their HRIS.


Runner Up: Lori Smith – BGSU (Bowling Green State University)

Lori Smith and the BGSU team has built an impressive candidate experience using the Content Management System within HireTouch. BGSU’s web designer worked directly with the HireTouch team to build and configure their public portal to create a unique and immersive experience that flawlessly mirrors their university website.

Runner up: Doug James – SIU-E (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)

Doug is the self-proclaimed SIU-E HireTouch guru and has cultivated a robust and highly configured system to fit the unique needs of his organization. He learned the system inside and out in less than a year and despite not being a part of the implementation process, has created and refined an exceptional system. Doug is an active part of the user community and soaks up knowledge like a sponge. His outstanding work has not gone unnoticed!

The HireTouch team would like to thank all of the nominees for the hard work and innovation they contribute every day. Their creativity and passion is the fuel for ImageTrend and HireTouch and we are honored to partner with them. We look forward to another round of outstanding nominees at next year’s 2017 HireTouch e3 Conference!

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