HireTouch Goes Mobile with New Applicant App

undefinedThe biggest trend in software development right now is mobile technology. 77 percent of all job applicants expect to use mobile apps during their job search and nearly one-third of CareerBuilder.com’s traffic each month comes from mobile devices. However, as many as 40 percent of mobile candidates abandon the application process when they encounter an application that is not optimized for mobile devices.

With the ever-increasing importance of having a mobile-friendly application process, HireTouch has released a new applicant mobile app that allows users to search for and apply to jobs directly from their mobile device. The interface delivers a mobile-friendly experience to users and allows clients to choose the theme colors and logo to remain consistent with their current branding.

The new interface gives more freedom and flexibility to applicant users, allowing them to create a profile, save jobs to view later and ultimately apply to a job, all without the need of a desktop computer or laptop. This means more applicants will follow-through with the job application process, leading to a strong and diverse applicant pool.

For more information on how you can start using this tool, contact our support team at 888-730-3258 or visit support.hiretouch.com.


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