5 Ways HireTouch Can Help You Stay Compliant

In an ever-changing workplace environment, it is critical that HR professionals understand the importance of staying EEO compliant and the strategies for making your Talent Management Solution work for you. The following are 5 ways that HireTouch can help you stay compliant:

1.  Captures Mandatory Questions Efficiently

Having a robust Talent Management Solution allows you to keep accurate records and reduces the risk of losing information due to a paper filing – or a recycling – mistake. HireTouch allows you to track relevant applicant and job data and easily capture and store data collected form mandatory questions. 

2.  Ensures Completed Voluntary Identification Forms

The ability to electronically capture quality data directly from your applicants through fully customizable Voluntary Identification Forms is another benefit of using HireTouch. Collecting EEO data, veteran status, and disability information in an easy-to-fill format ensures you get the data you need to not only stay compliant, but to diversify and improve your applicant pools.

3.  Provides Accurate, Timely Reporting

Being able to run reports with your collected data is essential for staying EEO compliant. A Talent Management Solution that does not have robust reporting capabilities is not a solution. HireTouch provides audit reporting, Affirmative Action summaries and details, and also allows you to generate reports automatically on a schedule to ensure you stay up-to-date with compliance. 

4.  Improves Processes with Data Analyzation

Not only does HireTouch provide you with broad reporting capabilities, it also can offer analytical reports that lead to action being taken. “Using Analytical Reporting, one of our clients was able to identify that one specific department was hiring a disproportionate amount of men vs. women. The discrepancy was discovered using Analytical Reporting and was resolved by changing the hiring process to ensure more women were being considered for open positions,” said Zach Vanek, Account Executive for HireTouch.

5.  Allows You to Post to Multiple Job Boards to Ensure Diversity

In order to cultivate a diverse workforce, you need the ability to reach niche markets. HireTouch gives you the ability to post jobs to a vast array of job boards across the country, allowing you access to a diverse applicant pool with a wide range of talents and backgrounds.


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