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Build a Stronger User Community

Connect with HireTouch users from across the country to share ideas and processes, examine key issues, celebrate successes and discuss challenges. You'll leave these meetings inspired having gained insight through shared perspectives.


Enhance Product Knowledge

Learn from those who know HireTouch best - your peers and the ImageTrend HireTouch team. Meet with product developers, and the implementation and support teams in person.


Enhance Product Knowledge

Learn from those who know HireTouch best - your peers and the ImageTrend HireTouch team. Meet with product developers, and the implementation and support teams in person.



2018 Agenda*


8:45 am

Continental Breakfast


9-9:15 am

Introduction & Welcome Address

Welcome to the annual HireTouch e3 Conference! We are excited to welcome you to our corporate headquarters and provide education on how to better utilize HireTouch.


Mike McBrady, Zach Vanek

9:15-9:45 am

Future Initiatives and 2017 Review

Join Zach and Laura as they recap 2017 and share some up-and-coming features in HireTouch. We’ll cover a handful of items from things that are in development right now to ideas that are still just concepts for the future.


Zach Vanek, Laura Schirer, Michael Patock

10-11:30 am

Empowering LGBTQ Millennials in the Workforce

Geared towards higher education professionals, this interactive session introduces participants to key concepts including birth/assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. It also provides participants with an understanding of issues impacting LGBTQ millennials entering the workforce and explores HR/talent acquisition best practices to foster inclusion of LGBTQ faculty, staff and students.


Isabel Porras, O&E University Director

11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Working Lunch with Open Discussion

Catered by Mainstreet Café

12:45-1:30 pm

The Why & How of Position Management

You’ve heard about Position Management, you’ve seen Position Management, you’ve learned about Position Management… but you might still be confused. Teams will compete against each other in this interactive session working together to construct the Position Management workflow and how it relates to the various aspects of HireTouch.


With a better understanding of the “why and how” of Position Management, this will help launch your institution to the NEXT LEVEL of HireTouch. For those of you already deep into Position Management, you’ll walk away with an understanding of how this feature will launch your institution into the NEXT LEVEL of HireTouch (Feature Unveiling sessions).


Laura Schirer, Lili Hansen

1:30-2:15 pm

Solution Unveiling

In this session, we will explore a common obstacle among learning institutions. You may have personal experience with the difficulty of accessing the financial information needed to make decisions about positions, promotions or new requisitions, or even understanding the process or people to look to for information.


During this session, we'll unveil the latest solution built by HireTouch. Designed to be a one-stop shop, HireTouch Continuity is the only solution that gives you a financial status snapshot - at any time - of budgets, grant usage, PTO, stipends, salaries and more within and across departments.


Nate Schweigert, Zach Vanek

2:15-3 pm

Open Discussion

A conference favorite! Each system is set up slightly different, with each organization having learned various nuances, and tips and tricks. During this discussion, share how you're using HireTouch and seize the opportunity to learn new ways to use HireTouch or to just pick the minds of fellow professionals on their hiring and employee management practices.


HireTouch Team

3 pm

Tips & Tricks for Getting the Most Out of HireTouch

Brought back by popular demand. In lightning speed, the HireTouch team will take turns giving you quick tips and tricks on various HireTouch functions and features, such as setup, configuration, navigation and more.


HireTouch Team


*Subject to change without notice.

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